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Find answers to the most commonly asked questions about New Brighton Club and the Residents Association



Access is granted to residents in good standing using your Community Central Login (email on file with us) and password. If you do not have access to Community Central you can sign up here.

If you do not remember the email address that you have on file with us, no problem!  Call one of our friendly Customer Service Representatives at 403-781-6613, ext:2, and they will be happy to assist.  If you forgot your password, simply click 'forgot password' and a new one will be sent to the email address entered as your 'User Name".  

You must have a valid login to access the membership areas of this web site to post Business Listings, Classified Ads, etc.  After you have logged in, you'll see a link at the top of the page for 'My Profile' where you can create and edit listings.


1. Do all New Brighton residents currently pay a Residents Association Fee?
Yes, all residents and property owners in New Brighton have their title encumbered with the New Brighton Residents Association Encumbrance.

2. Who collects the Residents Association fee?
The Residents Association fees are collected by the New Brighton Residents Association.

3. How often are the Residents Association fees collected?
Members of the New Brighton Residents Association receive an annual fee reminder in March, with fees due April 1st each year.

4. Where is the money collected from the Residents Association spent?
The funds are spent to administer and operate the amenities of the New Brighton Residents Association, including the New Brighton Club and Park, utilities, property taxes, insurance, salaries, programs administration, Christmas lighting, landscaping, maintaining open space in the community, etc. Audited financial statements are sent to every member prior to the Annual General Meeting, and are also available on this website under the important documents tab of "Information Hub".

5. What are the benefits to the residents of New Brighton for paying the Residents Association fees?
Residents benefit by having certain amenities and assets in their community, which because of their unique nature, could not otherwise be provided, as the City would not normally accept responsibility for their maintenance. Other benefits include enhanced maintenance of City Blvds. Other communities who do not have a Residents Association set up by the developer have petitioned the City to collect additional taxes through local improvement bylaws to fund enhanced maintenance of open spaced owned by the City. There is also a full time Recreation Manager at New Brighton Club who is responsible to set-up programs and special events, which meet the needs of the NBRA members.

6. How is the Residents Association governed?
The NBRA is governed via bylaws and a Board of Directors.

7. Who elects the representatives for the Residents Association and when does that occur?
The Members of the association elect their Board of Directors annually at the Annual General Meeting. Brookfield Residential has retained the right to appoint a certain number of Directors to the Residents Association, as it is financially responsible for the viability and operation of the Residents Association until it is turned over to the Residents.

8. Are the residents of New Brighton able to guide the Residents Association in matters important to the residents?
The roles of the Residents Association are limited to matters affecting the operation of the association. Members can elect or defeat any Member standing for a Residents Association Directorship, and in that way guide the direction of the Association. Ultimately, the Association will be run entirely by the residents.

9. What is the difference between a Residents Association and a Community Association?
Community Associations are volunteer organizations, established with support by the City, and are dependent upon sponsorship and fundraising in order to operate. Community Associations are known to be involved in organized minor sports such as soccer, baseball and hockey, as well as being the political voice of the community. Community Associations work with City Officials in establishing social policies, they are the voice of residents if playground zone areas are required, speed zone reductions are requested, issues arise regarding signage control and other potential community safety issues. Membership to the Community Association is voluntary and could involve members from several different communities.  please visit the New Brighton Community Association website, by clicking HERE.

10. The New Brighton Residents Association (NBRA) is a not-for-profit company that is professionally managed and operated.
In addition to the wide variety of recreational and event programming, we are responsible for maintenance of many of the community features, including the entry ways and boulevards, the New Brighton Club facility as well as the and park amenities. Membership in the Residents Association is mandatory for residents and fees are collected annually in April.


1. What is the size of the Community?
New Brighton currently consists of 3709 residences and will eventually be home to over 4000 residents.

2.  How Many Christmas Lights did the NBRA put up in the park this year?
This year, the NBRA put up over 372 strands of lights, totaling approximately 18,600 lights!


1. Why do I need a membership card?
All residents over the age of 12 will be required to have a card for entry to the park and facility. Membership cards will also allow you to register for programs offered by the New Brighton Residents Association.

2. Do I need to bring my NBRA membership card each time I come to New Brighton Club?
Yes, to gain access to the facility and the park you are required to swipe your membership card each time you come.

3. How do I get my membership card?
Come to the administration office during park hours and have your picture taken and card issued. Click here for office hours.

 You must be a Member In Good Standing with the New Brighton Residents Association

If you are the registered owner of the property, you will need to have:  a copy of your Certificate of Title before issuing permanent cards. If you have not yet received your Certificate of Title, temporary cards will be issued.  You also must present a piece of valid photo ID.Government issued photo ID

4. What is a Certificate of Title?
The Certificate of Title is a document that is issued to you by your lawyer when you purchase your home. It is a document that states who the registered owner of the property is. These are public documents available for a small fee from a registry office or at the New Brighton Club.

5. What if I lose my Membership Card?
If a membership card is lost, residents will be charged a $10.00 fee for replacement.
Children under 12 will not be issued cards and are only allowed to use the facilities when accompanied by an adult.


The New Brighton Residents Association (NBRA) is a not-for-profit organization established under Part 9 of the Companies Act by the builder in 2003, to professionally manage and operate several of New Brighton’s community features.  Operated by the NBRA, the New Brighton Club is a year round recreational facility, consisting of a 6500 square foot building. Also on site are; 2 tennis courts, a beach volleyball court, basketball courts, a splash park, playground, and a hockey rink. Members can gain access to these facilities using their issued membership card, and can also sign in guests. 

In addition to maintaining community features, the NBRA also employees a full time Recreation Manager at the New Brighton Club, who is responsible for implementing recreational programs and events, using various facilities and amenities within the park. To meet the needs of all of its members, the NBRA offers a variety of fitness, educational, and creative programs for all ages.



1. Does New Brighton Club offer any programs?
Yes, there are a number of drop-in and registered programs for children, adults, and families. See the current New Brighton Residents Association Program Guide for further information.

The New Brighton Club also offers a number of special events each year; including for example, a 3 on 3 Hockey Tournament, An Eggcellent Easter, NBRA Beer Gardens, Halloween Spooktacular, Christmas at the Clubhouse, among many others!  Visit our Event page by clicking HERE, for full details regarding upcoming events.

2. What if I need to withdraw from a program that I registered in?
Please click HERE to be directed to our Cancellation Policy.

3. How often are new programs offered?
New programs are offered on a seasonal basis, with registration available up to one month prior to classes starting. Summer programs start in July, Fall programs in September, Winter programs start up in January and Spring programs begin in March.

4. We are always looking for suggestions for new classes
if you have a great idea – please contact

5. Why are there different registration times?
We allow residents to register 3 days before non-residents, in order to provide them with the first shot at registering for programs.